Thursday, January 7, 2010

Random Thoughts on the Household Sickies

First post of the year! Happy New Year!!

The hubby and I have been fighting the cold that we got for Christmas (unfortunately, no returns accepted on that gift). Logan has already missed a day of school do to a case of the vomits, and now Sophie has her first ever cold. Despite the sickies, we are all in good spirits!

Well, except for Sophie, she is a tad bit miserable. Being her first head cold, she does not know what to do about the stuffed nose. Since she is just over one, she has not yet grasped the concept to "blow", and when she sees me coming at her with the rubber snot sucker, she makes a run for it.

And a 3 year old with the pukes is a challenge too. Logan keeps getting the vomit bug, which (luckily) only lasts for one day. He missed his 2nd day back to school after vacation with his first case of the year. Now, a 3 year old with the pukes is very messy. He has yet to make it to the bathroom, or in this case- the bucket, in time. I am very thankful for my carpet cleaner since 99% of my house is carpet!! ANY ONE WITH KIDS AND CARPETS MUST INVEST IN A GOOD CARPET CLEANER!!!!

And the hubby and I have been fighting a lovely head cold since Christmas. It hasn't gotten better, and it hasn't gotten worse. We seem to be in cold limbo. I can deal with the stuffiness, as I have bad seasonal allergies and am ALWAYS stuffy, but the night cough can take a hike. A remedy that the hubby found online a couple of months ago has been working surprisingly well:

To stop night coughs: Rub Vicks vapor rub on the soles of the feet.
Cover with socks.

Sounds to good to be true, but it has been working for us. Last night I tried it on Sophie and it worked for her too. I had to make sure that she was in the jammies with feet, so she wouldn't have access to the Vicks and eat it. There is no scientific back up to this remedy, and here is a link for anyone who is interested.

So it could be worse. We don't have H1N1. Not that I know of any way. I am thinking that if we get all of the sickies now, maybe we will be in the clear for the rest of the year. Yup, wishful thinking, I know. But, I am getting practice with working on some of my many resolutions- having more patience, accepting things I can't control, and focusing more on my family.


Mindy said...

This has been a tough winter for so many people I know - living all across the country. It's just been rough to stay healthy. I think my fam is finely headed back to good health (cross your fingers) and I hope yours is headed that way soon too!

Amanda said...

Hi Tracey! I found you through Kim's blog and am happy to "see" you here in the blogosphere :-)


Brandie said...

Happy Saturday SITS sharefest! Love the blog!

Luschka said...

You could also try four thieves vinegar. There's a recipe on my blog. It's REALLY good for protecting from colds and flus and the like. Takes a while to get ready though!
Stopping by from SITS!

Amanda said...

Hey Tracey -- I have a beautiful pair of pink longies for a girl, size approx. 2T or 3T. My girls were all pottytrained long efore they fit. Can you use them for Sophie or have a giveaway on your bog? They have never been worn!!!