Monday, July 27, 2009

Cloth Diaper Blog Carnival! What Do I Know Now About Cloth Diapering that I Wish I Knew Before?

This is my first time participating in a blog carnival. It is being hosted by Kim at Dirty Diaper Laundry.
Until I can figure out how to put the link on here, go to Dirty Diaper Laundry to catch the link to the other blogs participating in the carnival.

I have been cloth diapering continuously for almost 3 years. For a while 2 kiddos at a time. What do I know now about cloth diapering that I wish I knew when I first started?

A few things. The first being, don't get overwhelmed! When I was first researching cloth diapers I knew nothing. Friends and family members thought I was insane and either tried to talk me out of it, or were making bets that I wouldn't last long. There were no stores in my area that sold cloth diapers, so no help there either. The computer was information overload. Pre-fold, fitted, all-in-one, or pocket???? Who knew there were so many different kinds of diapers!!! I have since had several friends call me in a panic when they go to purchase their first diaper.

Secondly, there is no "right" way to cloth diaper. Of all the Mommas I know that cloth diaper, no 2 have the same system going. You and your baby will choose what style best suits your needs, be it all in one, or fitted with cover. Be it snaps or hook and loop. I know moms who wet pail, who dry pail, or who use a laundry bag. And washing the diapers? I have tried every method and combination of methods out there and have learned that what works for me, doesn't work for everyone. It depends on your baby's skin, what type of water you have, what kind of washing machine you use, and how you dry. Don't get disappointed if one way doesn't work, there are other options!

Lastly, it's so easy to make cloth diapers! I had been considering making my own for a while, but it took me 9 months into cloth diapering before I finally convinced myself to whip out the sewing machine and make my own. With basic sewing knowledge you can turn an old sweatshirt and T-shirt into a diaper. These pictures are actually of the first diaper I made. When ever I make a mistake I just tell myself "it's just gonna get pooped on"!

So, to some it all up, the most important thing I have learned since I started cloth diapering is that every mom eventually finds her own "way" through the maze of cloth diapering products and information. It takes time and some experimenting, but you'll get there!


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