Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Get out and VOTE!!!!

Time to get up on my soapbox!!! Today is voting day in many states. It is a voting day that many people don't pay attention to, or maybe don't even know about.  It's not a Presidential election that's been advertised for months (ok, YEARS), and  people are not running to the polls. It is a day to vote for local and state officials and referendums.  Boring stuff. Stuff no one pays attention to unless it effects them AFTER the fact.  If you are worried about the quality of your child's education, VOTE! Many towns are having elections for members of the Board of Education. There might be a referendum on your ballot that will affect your child's school system, VOTE! Think you are paying too much in taxes? Get out and VOTE for the person you think will lower them and stop complaining!

This is the first voting day that I have not worked in years. Why?? Because today I am on the ballot. I feel that the only way I can make a difference (besides by VOTING),  is to get involved with my town government. I am on the ballot not only once, but twice. I am running to be a member of the Assessment Appeals Board, and to be an alternate to the Planning and Zoning Board. I am nervous, I am scared, and honestly, I have no clue what I have gotten myself into, but I do know that I have to start somewhere. What better way to start getting involved, than to jump right in!

You may know it's voting day in your neck of the woods if your roadsides has been taken over by lawn signs, but if you don't, you can check here .  This link even brings you to your towns web page where you can get more information by calling your town clerks office. So go to the polls and vote today and keep those poll workers awake!  They are going to have a long day today because, sadly, voter turn out during local elections is very low.

FYI- working the elections is a great way to make extra money! Contact the Registrar in you town hall for more information!!!