Monday, July 26, 2010

Dueling Gardens Part 1

The veggies from our gardens are making their appearances slowly, but surely. Yes, I said gardenS. We have more than one, not because of our large plot of land (I wish), but because the hubby and I could not agree on a garden location.  He wanted the left side of the yard, where we had it (unsuccessfully) last year because...I don't really remember why.  Bad, I know. I swear I was listening to his argument points.  I wanted the right side of the yard because it gets more sun, and I wanted to cover an overgrown flower garden . Two stubborn wanna be gardeners = two dueling gardens.
WARNING: If you are an avid weeder, these pictures might be disturbing.

 On one side of the yard is...

 The crops he has harvested so far have been green beans (which we have enjoyed for several meals), peas (which the kids have been snacking on, as only about 7 pods total have made their appearance), lettuce (enough for several salads and still going strong), and his pride and joy so far- his potatoes.

Today he dug up about 20 pounds!!!

Here is Sophie who I found on the table throwing the potatoes.

There are many crops he is anxiously awaiting.

Like the Jerusalem Artichokes.
We are going to have tons. The Jerusalem Artichoke is not an artichoke at all, but a potato like tuber.  I have never tried it (or even seen it before) and from what I have researched (the video on this link makes them look so appetizing), it's are an acquired taste.  Since these are harvested in the fall I will have plenty of time to look for tasty recipes (if such exist).       

And there's his corn.

He came home from work almost a month ago all excited because someone told him if his corn was doing well, it would be a foot tall and his was!!!! And still is!!! The corn growing on the farms down the road is at least 8 feet tall right now (and probably loaded with GMOs and pesticides). Maybe his will have a growth spurt. Or maybe this is just a short variety. Or maybe this what a corn plant looks like with no added chemicals.

On the other end of his garden, I don't really know what's going on.
He is a firm believer that as long as the plants are watered, they will grow. He is NOT a weeder. What has been weeded, I have done. I didn't touch this area because I couldn't tell the difference between plants and weeds!  In there somewhere is cabbage, cauliflower. broccoli, more potatoes, and pumpkins or gourds. All of these plants are still working on producing their bounty, if there will be any at all. To be fair, we did plant both gardens late in the season, as there was still a lot of frosty nights.

He wants me to point out his awesome composting container.
He found it on ebay for $75 delivered. It works for us. Keeps the animals out and the smells in. :)

And that is the hubby's garden.  Stay tuned to be introduced to mine. :)


Melissa said...

How fun! Sounds like something my husband and I would do. Except his would all be dead because he forgets to water. Oh, I'm sure I would water it for him! Can't wait to see what you've got going on.