Saturday, August 29, 2009

RIP Top Loader Diaper Washing Machine

Just like every other diaper washing night, I load the diapers into their own washing machine, add the Charlie's Soap, and turn the dial to Super to start the soak. I pull the knob out to start and....mmmmmmmmmmmmm...... WHAT??? No sound of water, just a quiet.... mmmmmmmmmmmmm..........Panic takes over. My hand is shaking. I turn the dial to Regular, convinced that it's just Super setting that isn't working...mmmmmmm..... Fingers fumbling, I turn the size load to Medium. Yeah, that will fix it......mmmmmmmmmmmmm......One more knob to turn.  I know when I change the water temperature it WILL WORK...mmmmmmmmmmmmmm....  CRAP. CRAP. CRAP.  Figuratively and literally, because now I have to stick my hand in the wash basin and take all the crappy diapers out and put them in the front loader. Time to review the blog posts from last weeks Cloth Diaper Carnival on how to wash diapers in a front loader. I am telling my self this is only temporary. I KNOW my parents have an extra top loader in their basement they aren't using (thanks to an uncle that drives a garbage truck in a rich town) and it has my name written all over it!!


Melissa said...

That sucks!

Anonymous said...

Hi, thought I`d stop by and check out your blog.
Great stuff !!

Anonymous said...

Are you certain it's not the flushed while rinsing cloth diaper clogging the pipes?? ;-)

Sorry you have to be up to THERE in poopy diapers, hope it get settled soon for you!

Clueless_Mama said...

That stinks! Literally. LOL I hope you can find a new/used one soon. Good luck :)