Monday, October 5, 2009

Using Time Wisely

I made it all the way to second grade before I received my first bad mark on a report card. I remember seeing the "U" for "Unsatisfactory" next to "Uses time wisely" (I have a freakishly weird long term memory, but can't remember anything from yesterday), and having no clue what it meant. I remember writing in my journal  that I needed to improve in Using time wisely. I thought of it as a subject, like reading or math. Even when explained to me, it didn't click. Twenty plus years later, I still find my self struggling with this!

Since I discovered the Blogging world in July, I have become obsessed- reading and joining blogs, entering every contest, just to get free stuff (like I need more STUFF!).  Meanwhile, the kiddos have caught up on all the shows on Nick Jr, the house has turned into clutter central (as the hubby has frequently commented on), leading to the hubby and I not jiving,  leading to Logan misbehaving. Everything has been off balance. In all fairness, this can not be blamed JUST on blogging. The INTERNET is my time thief; Facebook, email, the blogging networks, Cafemom. 

I have lost my way. I have not been living in the present moment with my family. I have not been spending my time as a stay at home mom playing with and teaching my children, like was our plan. I have neglected my sewing, reading, and all the projects I have started around the house. I am getting a "U" in "Uses time wisely".

I had to step away from the computer for a couple of days and get my priorities straight. Of course the kiddos and my family's (hehm, HUBBY's) happiness are numero uno. I still want to blog. I like connecting with long lost friends and family on Facebook. Heck, I talk to my mom more in Facebook chat than on the phone! So here it goes again, working on using time wisely.....


love lives in the kitchen said...

blogging is cool but so much time consuming. my husband is sometimes mad with me.. anyways try to not exagerate but don't stop blogging please!

Theta Mom said...

Something is in the water!!! So true, my hubs gets annoyed at me sometimes for blogging so much, too and I'm finding that I need to take a step back and re-prioritize as well. Glad I'm not alone! ;)